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  1. Great list although “Final Girl” is distinct by its absence here given that it’s one of those rare games that’s specifically geared for solo play.

  2. Thanks very much for compiling this list. What was the “22 Best” qualification based on? Most sales, most plays, player ratings? Having your sources available might help potential customers make better buying decisions.

  3. Although I understand this is all about choices and personal preference, I think a game like ‘Sleeping Gods’ deserves a spot or a honorable mention.

    1. @Mathieu,
      I was about to comment specifically to mention Sleeping Gods.
      Sleeping Gods has do be in this list and in my opinion among the first 5 😊

  4. “Hey guys I threw a list of games together that can be played solo”
    List looks like a personal opinion.
    Trash list from a trash site.

    1. @Kilphs,
      So leaving an orribile comment is your solution..well done 🤯

      In my opinion the list is great except one thing: Sleeping Gods has to be there ✌️

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